Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all who commented on my feature at the Lilypadblog Guest Designer last week.
 Guest Designer
It has been great to make cards for them.

It has been such a beautiful november, seemed more like october, but since a few days the mist is hanging here all day.

 But even then, i try to find something beautiful out there.
Nature inspires me so much.

The next weeks will be quite busy for me.i have some concerts to give.
After practising each day the best way to rest and not to get too nervous is to make cards ...;-)
i will need a lot for christmas.also give them away as sets for friends to give their friends.
Love the idea my cards are travelling around in many places to give people a smile.
That´s what i do with singing also. i am happy when after a concert people are really touched by the music.
Then i did a good job..
The next weeks i will be using the kitchen of my partens very often. i don´t know if you remeber..last year i made 12 different sorts of cookies...i will start in december..
may be i make a blog for this.

now to the creative part:
i just found out a good way to make backgrounds, very easy.
i took a plastic from an embossing folder.
Here you can you distress inks, distress stains or even water-soluble wax-pastels.
i loved playing with them.
Look here for my supplies and the first step with the color crayons:

If you want some resist lines lightly, use a candle and go over the paper lightly in lines or script.
after painted with the crayons direcly on the plastic spray over with water.

Now stamp whatever you want or emboss with gold, silver, white or other colors.
This works with distress ins or stains exactly the same...or even mix them!!!!! so much fun.
Here some results:

Hope you have a fine and peaceful week.
Keep sunshine in your heart...the season is coming soon...and..........................
..................the new Hero Arts catalogue..................................

Hugs and good thoughts,


  1. Yes great backgrounds, thanks for sharing! Danke!

  2. Wonderful post, Franziska. Thank you for the mini tutorial. Love your photographs. I am in awe of your talent - stamping, photography , singing, cooking.... Lost of good wishes for yo u, Janet x

  3. Gorgeous creations, Franziska! Love how you make your beautiful Hintergrund (I remember that German I had to)!! So inspiring you are! Your talent really show through in this blog. The surroundings where you (und deine Elterns leben) are beautiful! I also love your baking (YUM!). Hope your week ahead is a great one! HUGS!

  4. your cards are gorgeous and i love the idea - will have to try that. thanks!

  5. Hi Franziska
    the backgrounds you have created are fabulous, i will have a go at this. I always love to see your cards over at the flickr group you have such a unique style. Thanks for the tips and also the beautiful photographs of the area you live in.

  6. I was always impressed with your backgrounds.Thank you for sharing the tip! Maria aka Zayasa

  7. I love the effect you got in all your skies! So beautiful, my friend! Again, I love seeing your photos of your surroundings, mist or not! Sending you hugs!

  8. This is a wonderful idea! And your photos are just beautiful!

  9. Franziska, your cards are always just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your technique for making such gorgeous backgrounds! Also, the photos are stunning - that spider web is awesome!

  10. Hi Franziska, great technique, thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy your photos and blog so very much! Congratulations on being featured! It made my day!! :)

  11. what a great technique Franziska. I've bookmarked this page so I can come back and have a go

  12. Beautiful backgrounds and photographs! Thanks for sharing your talent in so many areas - always look forward to seeing your work! Many blessings with the upcoming rehearsals and performances! x

  13. Gorgeous cards and photos, Franziska! I've always wondered how you created your beautiful backgrounds. Thank you for sharing this great technique. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. Great background technique Franziska! Now I need to find those crayons. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Oh Franziska, your creations are gorgeous! I am a HUGE fan of your cards and photos, so any technique you share, I know will be amazing! I LOVE this idea - I have a bunch of those folders too! Thanks SO much!

  16. Hi Franziska,
    I like your cards so much and this little tutorial is so helpfull. The finished cards are extremely beautifull.
    Om het in het Nederlands te zeggen: gewoonweg schitterend!

  17. Wow this is wonderful Franziska. Well have to try this for sure. Your cards are beautiful.

  18. Beautiful beautiful! I am definitely going to have to give this technique a try - your cards with it are amazing!!

  19. Hi Fransciska,
    please have a look at my blog, the first post.. you don't have to say thank you..... LOL

  20. Amazing! I love these backgrounds, each one is a {one-of-a-kind} masterpiece! Your cards are really gorgeous; I'm working on my cards today and you've completely inspired me, my friend!