Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Autumn days

Hi there,

Hope you all have a nice and sunny weekend.
Here, autumn this year is so full of sunshine and colors..
i really love that.But the mornings are getting colder and colder..i had a tonsillitis last week.
it was my one week of vacation, so in a way i had the time tp rest..   
While i was not able to practice singing i had much time to craft and make cards. 
Finally i had to buy just 2 new christmas sets of Hero Arts..and i loove them.
i had an idea in mind to pair up the "Greatest gift" with the village stamp...
here i show you my crafr place, which is very contemporary ;-)
i don´t have a lot of space, and i have only 30 percent of my craft materials here.

The view out of my window is extraordinary...i see so many birds in the green.
the outside (window) of my room
i told you about the Mindfullness based stress reduction. i have now a little place in my room, especially to practice:
The mornings are already very dark and misty...
 love all the little details of Autumn:
And these are the results of my creative week of illness :

Wishing you all a very nice weekend and a spooky Halloween time, full of fun ..."Trick or treat"...


  1. Hi Franziska - how lovely for you to have sunshine this weekend! Our weather is cold and rainy, but the ground does need it. I have really enjoyed your post once again, your beautiful photos and cards! I just LOVE to see what you do with that bird stamp - the bird stamps from AO are my favorites. Hope you are feeling better in the mean time and always love seeing your cards!
    Jacqueline x

  2. I enjoyed these photos so much Franziska! Love your craft area ... mine is small, close to a window with a view of trees and birds too :) I will have to take a photo to show you soon. Wonderful work Franziska ... truly beautiful! Sending you hugs and warms wishes that you recovery quickly.
    Susanne x

  3. What a beautiful blog post today Franziska, not only are your cards wonderful (always) but the photos you share of your surroundings are so filled with beauty! I especially love the photo of your window and you're beautiful area for stress relief! Have a wonderful day and hopefully you are fully recuperated from that Tonsillitis!

  4. Hi, Franziska, I too, love to come and visit your blog.......your craft area looks lovely and cozy, with a view to nature outside your window, the perfect little place just for you. Your cards are wonderful, as always, love the nativity ones mixed with the little town - very clever! I'm a bird-lover, too, so I always enjoy anything you do with them. Hope you are feeling better - so glad you could get some rest during that time.

  5. I don't stop by often...but what a TREAT to visit you here!! Alles sind so scheon!! Love your living space and cards! I adore that Village scene!! I can't keep up with the new stamps, can you? sometimes the older stamps are just so special...hugs to you!

  6. I'm sorry you were sick but wow, what wonderful crafting you did with your down-time. I'm always so impressed with your use of the Village stamp, so much amazing creativity! All of your cards are lovely and have your wonderful signature-style!
    Hoping you are much better now, sending hugs and blessings your way!

  7. Sorry I am late to comment here, have just seen your post at The Lily Pad, love all of your cards, you really have a distinctive style. Your use of the village stamp has made me add it to my wish list.

  8. Just today discovered your blog...Your cards are amazing, but your photography is what truly leaves me breathless! Thanks for sharing your daily life and the beauty that surrounds you. Being a "desert rat" in Arizona, USA, leaves me longing for green trees and color! Best wishes.