Freitag, 26. August 2011


 Hello there,

I want to share these cards i made, inspired by my trips to Italy.i really love this stamp by Hero Arts.
a village.  
this stamp reminds me of Italy.

Let me tell you a bit:

I really miss Tuscany. While i was studying, i went to Florence for one month every summer to learn Italian.
Somehow i really felt in love with this felt like coming home, every time i saw the doumo.
I will never forget these summers, sitting in the class from 9pm till 12pm, students from all countries.
in the break we had a cappucino downstaires, right at the doumo place.
The afternoons were free, the heat in the city was incredible, so most of the times i did a siesta.
Sometimes i had singing lessons with an opera singer from Florence.
The evenings we came togehter with other students to have dinner.often we found a little osteria or a pizzeria.
i really love this italian pizza.

the evenings were so was nice to see some artist at all the different piazzas, while eating the obligatory ice cream.(so many different varieties).the best just behind the ponte vecchio.
the weekends we had no class, so i discovered other places as pisa, lucca or san gimingnano.
when the heat was insufferable, i went to the hills of Settignano.The first time i came there by accident, because the busses had airconditioning, and i thought i would be great to see something from the city and around.
At the end i was the only one sitting in the bus until Settignano.And it is so quiet tourists, just a bit of air and silence.
i walked there into the olive woods, saw beautiful villas, and from above i had such a great view on Florence.

Later , after my studies , i had an opera production in montepulciano.
This town is so beautiful.

Do you know the film "Under the tuscan sun".i really like the was filmed in montepulciano and positano.

look here for a trailer, or the whole movie:

trailer under the tuscan sun

a view of positano

the whole movie "Under the tuscan sun"

if i would have a lot of money i would buy a house in this region.
it is so lovely there.

and my take on this DREAM:

hope you enjoyed the journey ;-)
lots of cool drinks and sunshine,

My summer

Time flies....
we have August, end of August already, and a little feeling of autum wispers now and then through mind and air.
My summer has been full of experience, work and nature.

i had no time to blog for a while, so i will run through my summer months.
In July i worked a lot, had some opera performances and visited my grand aunt.

she went on vacation to Bad Rothenfelde.this is a nice little spa town.

And on the day she turned 89, i was there to sing an Ave Maria in the church.all the seniors were so nice, and wanted me to sing some songs and airs.
i had no accompaniment, so i sang there a-capella and did some old folk songs togehter with those people.
it was a lovely experience.

at the begin of August i had a scholarship (award) to go to Bayreuth, and see there 3 performances of the operas of Wagner: Tristan und Isolde, Meistersinger and Tannhäuser.i am not a fanatic fan of his music, but it was great to be there once.normally people wait for 10 years to get a ticket.

And the last 10 days i have been on the way of St. James. Since i went to Santiago di Compostela in 2007, i really enjoy walking, peregrinate.there are so many old ways to get to the main "Camino" in Spain.
With my friend, which i met on the way in 2007, i walk every year for some days in the summer.
This year we discovered the region of Brandenburg and Märkische Schweiz.It was beautiful there, and the people were so kind and helpful.Every day we did about 25 km.

my friend, searching the right way on the i-phone....

Every evening we found some place to stay.To take a shower , eat something and sleep is the greatest thing after such a day.But i love it.

Back home, i did a little hike with my parents.the black forest has so many nice places to discover.

And now i´m looking for an appartement in Frankfurt.This is so difficult.Please cross fingers..
Sunday i have a concert in Fankfurt and everyday life will start again..
 And now my cards, inspired by summer , hiking and music...

wishing you a sunny weekend....
Take care.
Lots of hugs,