Freitag, 26. August 2011


 Hello there,

I want to share these cards i made, inspired by my trips to Italy.i really love this stamp by Hero Arts.
a village.  
this stamp reminds me of Italy.

Let me tell you a bit:

I really miss Tuscany. While i was studying, i went to Florence for one month every summer to learn Italian.
Somehow i really felt in love with this felt like coming home, every time i saw the doumo.
I will never forget these summers, sitting in the class from 9pm till 12pm, students from all countries.
in the break we had a cappucino downstaires, right at the doumo place.
The afternoons were free, the heat in the city was incredible, so most of the times i did a siesta.
Sometimes i had singing lessons with an opera singer from Florence.
The evenings we came togehter with other students to have dinner.often we found a little osteria or a pizzeria.
i really love this italian pizza.

the evenings were so was nice to see some artist at all the different piazzas, while eating the obligatory ice cream.(so many different varieties).the best just behind the ponte vecchio.
the weekends we had no class, so i discovered other places as pisa, lucca or san gimingnano.
when the heat was insufferable, i went to the hills of Settignano.The first time i came there by accident, because the busses had airconditioning, and i thought i would be great to see something from the city and around.
At the end i was the only one sitting in the bus until Settignano.And it is so quiet tourists, just a bit of air and silence.
i walked there into the olive woods, saw beautiful villas, and from above i had such a great view on Florence.

Later , after my studies , i had an opera production in montepulciano.
This town is so beautiful.

Do you know the film "Under the tuscan sun".i really like the was filmed in montepulciano and positano.

look here for a trailer, or the whole movie:

trailer under the tuscan sun

a view of positano

the whole movie "Under the tuscan sun"

if i would have a lot of money i would buy a house in this region.
it is so lovely there.

and my take on this DREAM:

hope you enjoyed the journey ;-)
lots of cool drinks and sunshine,


  1. Wow Franziska! Thanks for making my day! I am in love with these photos! I think that if I went to Italy, I may never want to come back! We are planning a trip to Europe next summer and we are talking of going to Italy!!! Your cards are just so perfect for these visual beauties you shared today! (Under The Tuscan Sun is one of my very favourite movies, for the scenery!)

  2. Found you through the Hero Arts site. Love your Italy pictures and the cards remind me of Italy very much. Great job, I must say.
    Italy has a very special place in my heart, I was proposed to in Florence, in a little cafe, not far from the bridge. And this was 27years ago now.
    Someday I hope to go back.
    Leslee Barrow

  3. Oh, Franziska, I'm so glad you started a blog!! I love visiting here - your cards are always so inspirational, and your photographs are like taking a mini-vacation! I'd love to visit this area - thanks so much for taking the time to share with us!

  4. Oh my have the most wonderful blog posts, Franziska! These peeks at the beauty of Italy make me long to visit there one day. I love how you are able to re-imagine your travels in the beautiful scene cards you've been making. I love them all, they are mini-masterpieces! You are keeping me inspired!

  5. Italy looks so much like France, yet it does have its own beauty and culture! Love the cards you made with this in mind - just beautiful!

  6. Oh my ... this is all so beautiful Franziska, it almost brings me to tears. These are pictures that I can't stop looking at! Also, I am so happy to hear of your wonderful memories! I always love the sensitivity I see in your cards ... beautiful work!

  7. I almost forgot ... please visit my blog as I have photographs of my walk last weekend . As I promised ... so that you could see a little bit of the place where I live. Sending you a hug.

  8. Oh my! All your cards are so wonderful, love the scenery that you created on each one! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos, so beautiful!