Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011


Dear Ladies,

I wanted to share with you some ideas and photos of my practicing "Mindfulness".
Do you know "Mindfulness based stress Reduction"
If you are interested read this

I started with that program in April, which a friend of mine recommended to me.
It was part of the program of courses the church is organising for students.
I went there and spoke with the tutor, and i could take part, even i am not a student anymore.
I am so grateful that this happened just at this moment in my life, after the terrible end of my relationship with the man i thought i would have childrens with.
It was so hard to find new ways and Perspectives, and to loose the cruel memories and dreams.
But now i think it is true: When one door closes, another one opens..
Or God gives you at least the toolkit to open a new one...
The toolkit is and was the Mindfulness.I practiced a lot, and in the beginning i had no expectations.
Now, i feel so much more rest, energy, freedom and contentment.
I really felt that the base to feel happiness is not outside, but lies inside.
And i realised taking photos was my little way to be in the moment, long before i heard something about this method.
It is very interested that making cards is another way to just be in the moment and let your creativity go.
Amusingly, when i read the sentiments we use for our card creations...they are almost all in this "mindfulness tradition".for example" It´s the little things that matter..."
So i feel very grateful to experience all that.
At the moment i still live at my parent´s place.
During this summer i will decide where to live.i will not stay in freiburg.
What i definitely will miss will be my parc runnings every morning.
A few days ago i went there at the time of sunrise to take some photos and do my meditation.
it was so interesting to see all the different things, which are so normal but wonderful..
i want to share some of them, and the cards i made afterwards.
I wish you a great start to a happy and mindfulness week!!!

it is 6pm in the morning..the first rays of sunshine...
i feel the warmth and the light..and a second later i smile...

the atmosphere is so calm an full of peace..the first birds sing their songs...

...or fly to work......
The water of the lake is shimmering, and the surface has so many colors depending on the light and the place
i love to observe all these differences...

  the flowers here can be so beautiful too, especially with the first light of the sun:

there are only a few more people here, most of them in company:
the smell in the air is so fresh , and the sky has such a deep blue:
 the ducks are still sleeping:
Then i see the swan family just on the water:

 The water here looks so clear, like a mirrow...
And the shadows of the plants and trees give such great images.
Some are like paintings of  CLAUDE MONET:

At the other side of the lake there a some great trees, like cypresses.i like them so much.
Reminds me of Italy....

Another tree is very funny.seems to be a whole family...
the vine is already growing well...
and so do the walnuts...
now i can see to the bottom of the lake:

some birds are searching for a breakfast..

now the parc slowly comes to live.

i am almost at the end of my expedition..feel a little hungry too.

i am sure it will be a great day..
i see some flower and spiderweb on my way home...

and finally i am back:

you see this?????no, i am not living in Kiwiland....this is Freiburg....incredible!!!!

Thanks for joining me....
i take a cup of tea and my muesli....and the day gets started...

 Here my cards:

AND HERE are some others i made with the "technique" i did in my last post" just take a piece of ..."

more "random" cards...

Thanks for looking!!!!!




  1. AWESOME post, Franziska! Love all the beautiful photos from the park and your cards! All of your cards reflects the scenery and mood that you had experienced. I hope you come to a great decision as to where to live and live your life to the fullest. Change is hard, but sometimes it's just for the best! Alles Gute!! Liebe Greusse von Virginia

  2. Oh, Franziska, how did I miss your blog until now? I adore your photographs and the resulting cards - today the water ones spoke to me, and the purple ones... This is wonderful therapy for you during this difficult time in your life. I found the same to be true when I had a difficult time 7 years ago. Being able to create takes your mind off of yourself and focuses it on things of beauty. Not a bad way to recover!

    I've become a follower now so that I don't miss any more of your lovely posts! Thank you!

  3. Franziska, what an incredible post. It was just the tonic I needed after a avery stressful day at work. I could almost feel my stresses lifting away when I was looking at your photograph trail. LIfe is cruel sometimes but it sounds like you are making a good recovery and been an inspiration to so many in the process. I am excited to hear where you might move to - a whole new adventure.

    Best of wishes, Janet :o)

  4. This is such a beautiful post Franziska! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the reflection of your heart in your nature photos and cards! Truly inspiring how you have picked yourself up and made such a sensitive picture of how you are dealing with it!
    May God increase your inner joy in Jesus!

  5. So true what Jacqueline says! This is a beautiful expression of your heart, Franziska! You are an inspiration! Hugs, Susanne