Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Having fun...

This afternoon I just could´t resist making some Belgian waffles.
There are no friends of mine here in freiburg, but I will bring them over to frankfurt tomorrow, to thank all those lovely people there..
Making them was such a fun.....

I want to participate for Virginia´s challenge.
My card is here:
 inspired by my picture of some days ago:
Have a nice week,


  1. LOVE your photos and your cooking abilities :)
    Don't give up on your blog!

  2. Hi Franziska...I just found your blog and I love it! You are always an inspiration to me and this post is no exception. Your waffles look delicious and your card and the photo inspiration are gorgeous eye-candy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yummy photos and card! Just found your blog from the HA discussion thread! Ich hoffe, dass Du sehr viel Spass hast mit der blog!